Content Portfolio The Space DXB

Dear Ladies & Gentlemen, my name in Patric and I’m a media and web designer from Germany who just recently relocated to Dubai. As I discovered your beautiful venue yesterday, I heard that you are still looking for support in the graphic design and social media department.

After I heard that, my mind where working about some great Ideas how we could bring the social media and marketing game of The Space to the next level.

A little more about myself that might be hard to discover from my official CV. I come from the music and entertainment industry and im a huge car nerd. Since high school days I organized and ran events and been surrounded by people who build, raced or simply collected exotic and modified cars. In Germany me and my partner we run our own car shows and I’ve been part of the team who puts together one of the top 3 car shows and trade fares in Germany. 

Our partners and clients contain companies like Ford Motors Germany, Sonax, Cooper Tires and Monster Energy.

With that little pre story, I just wanted to show you that I’m actually a big part of the car culture and know quite a bit about the event business and about what your potential audience on social media wants to see, with all that in mind I think I could be a great link between those world that you so nicely brought together at The Space.

Because you actually expected a portfolio, right below you find just a small collection of photos I shot at a local UAE car show for some German magazines, some edited and shot instagram reels and a video with just some small examples of content I shot and edited for different YouTube Chanels. As you will see I’m also not afraid to stand in front of the camera if ever needed. Please excuse me if some shots are a little shaky, most of the footage is shot on smartphones without any stabilizer. But I’m mainly an editor not a camera man.. 

I hope to hear from you soon.

Best Regards